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Your satisfaction is our priority: we will guide you through the process to transform your spaces with style and elegance.

Transform your space into an inspiring haven

Our Services.

We offers a range of services tailored to your artistic desires and needs:

  1. The purchase of unique artwork, photographs, or canvases created by Aurore Klein to beautify your walls - Tax optimization, please refer to the relevant conditions - click here.

  2. The leasing offer, allowing you to rent artworks on a short or long-term basis, ideal for regularly refreshing your walls or for specific events.

  3. A high-quality custom service to meet your precise needs and create personalized pieces that perfectly reflect your style and expectations.

We assist you in bringing your artistic and decorative projects to life, transforming your space into a unique and inspiring haven.


- Collections

- Unique work

- Fine Art Prints

- Creation on Order

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In partnership with Bail-Art

- Minimum: 12 months

- Maximum: 48 months

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- Project development

- Creation and Design

- Layouts and Advice

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Our Partners.

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